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Personalized one-on-one coaching tailored to your individual needs.

about the program

Private training sessions offer personalized coaching tailored to your needs. Whether it's swimming in the pool with in-depth stroke analysis and underwater GoPro video feedback, preparing for an open water race with kayak support and tips on sighting and pacing, or improving your cycling pedal efficiency or running economy, we focus on making you a stronger, more efficient athlete. Each session is designed to target your specific areas for improvement and drive your performance to new heights.

* New in 2023 - We perform lactate testing and analysis for athletes looking to fine tune their training zones and paces.

We are also available to meet in person or by phone/video conference to provide training program consultations.

Please email us at or click the contact us button to request a booking.

What we offer


Pool Swim - 1 hr session - COST: $85+HST

Take your swimming to the next level with an in-depth technical stroke analysis. Session includes private lane rental, on deck swim stroke analysis with underwater GoPro video analysis.

open water Swim - 1 hr session - COST: $75+HST

Get race ready! Session includes in water kayak support, swim stroke analysis with a focus on sighting, buoy turning, tips on pacing and other useful advice to get you comfortable in the open water.

bike or run - 1 hr session - COST: $75+HST

Improve cycling pedal efficiency or running economy with a one-on-one session focused on making you a stronger, more efficient athlete. Video analysis available on request.

consultation - 1 hr session - COST: $75+HST

Meetings to discuss training & racing plans.

lactate testing (bike or run) - 1 hr session - COST: $150+HST

Lactate testing along with recent race performances and FTP tests can help paint the full picture of an athlete’s optimal training zones. Our testing protocol will help to establish threshold power and pace for key workouts on the bike and run.


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"Kyle is an incredible swimming coach"

Kyle is an incredible swimming coach. His clear instructions, steady focus on technique improvement, consistent messaging and his remarkable patience makes working with him so rewarding and successful. He has provided me with skills to improve my swim time, build my confidence and improve my overall efficiency.

Jeanine W.
EDGE Community Member
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