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Producing higher quality playing time for young athletes across any sport.

about the program

Using a series of interval based running sessions and agility drills we’ve developed a program that is proven to improve speed, increase stamina and optimize recovery time which results in players producing higher quality playing time in their respective sport.

We also work with your players to develop mental toughness, discipline and grit to further enhance their performance and make them more complete athletes on and off the field of play.

Weekly sessions are ideal for established teams at the rep/select level for sports such as soccer, hockey and basketball, among others. We also work with small groups of individuals looking to increase fitness and prepare for upcoming evaluations or try-outs in their respective sport.

For more information please email us at or click the contact us button to request a booking.

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"Now playing higher level hockey! Thank you Edge!"

Amazing stamina! Now playing higher level hockey! Thank you Edge! The off ice training brought my son to new levels. We will definitely be staying on!

Kelly B.
EDGE Community Member
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